Your Electrical Switchboard is your safety net, this is where your protection devices are located and where should a fault occur contain any further damage to your home or businesses electrical system. Therefore it is important that you have up to date protective devices and that the installation is in accordance with regulatory laws. This is something we stress very highly not only for the safety reasons but also insurance purposes.

Wiring conditions are also vital to the operation of your switchboard, old worn wiring can result in regular fault occurrence or in some case fire damage.

Sydney Wide Electricians use only the latest market tested safety equipment, this ensures that the job is undertaken according to legal requirements and also provides peace of mind for our customers.

Explore our options below:

  • Switchboard Upgrades
  • Safety Switches including Circuit Breakers
  • RCD installations (Residual Current Device) for extra Safety
  • Complete/Partial Rewire
  • Safety Check and Advice
  • Surge Protectors (ask about our special deal)
  • Fault Finding


Are you thinking about or have you had insulation installed in your property?


Consider the new laws below:

  • An electrical safety inspection and test of the electrical installation related to the ceiling space at the premises must be performed by a licensed electrical contractor before electrically conductive ceiling insulation is installed. 
  • Following the inspection and test, if any part of the electrical installation in the ceiling space is not electrically safe, the installation of electrically conductive ceiling insulation must not proceed until the installation is made safe or repaired. 
  • Before commencing the installation of electrically conductive ceiling insulation, a safety switch is installed on each final sub-circuit and sub-mains located in the ceiling space where such installation is possible.



Contact Sydney Wide Electricians today to book in your Switchboard Upgrade today and ask about our Special Offers on Surge Protection Devices.