Surge Protection Device (SPD)

All surge protectors are not created equal. In fact, there is a wide range in both performance and price of protection systems.

At one end, you have your basic $5 surge protector power strip, which will offer very little protection. On the other end you have systems costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars, which will protect against pretty much everything short of lightning striking nearby.

Most systems have limitations of some sort; picking out a protector system that suits you is a matter of balancing the cost of the system with the cost of losing data or electronic equipment. As with insurance, you find the level of coverage you’re comfortable with.

Sydney Wide Electricians we can advise you on the best solution to protect your home or business against a surge. We offer a range of Surge Protection Devices (SPD) to suit all situations, call us today to find out about our great offers…

Surge Protection Facts:

  • Power surges are mainly comprised of short bursts of electricity. They are extremely unpredictable and are caused by conditions that exists both inside and outside your home or business.


  • Electrical appliances, especially electronic equipment, are particularly susceptible to power surges. The result is partial damage or even complete destruction of circuit boards within the appliance or device.


  • Some other sources of power surges include faulty wiring, downed power lines and of course lightning.


  • Power surges and spikes are an unavoidable occurrence but they can be reduced or the damage they cause can be minimized with the use of proper surge protectors.


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