Electrical Safety Inspections

Energy consumption in Australia has increased per person in recent years. This increase has led to a greater demand and this can often lead to dangerous situations with greater stress placed on the electrical system in homes and businesses. Sydney Wide Electricians undertake a comprehensive Electrical Safety Inspection (ESI) on your home or business and provide you with a complete overview of the condition and safety of your electrical installation.

What we do:

  • Comprehensive Electrical Safety Inspection (ESI) carried out by our fully licenced electricians.
  • Visual Inspection
  • Testing of Earthing System (safety system)
  • Correct Circuit Connections
  • Correct Operation of Protective Devices
  • Inspection of Switchboards
  • Inspection of Wiring System
  • Copy of complete Safety Report for your records.
  • Insulation Testing of Wiring (Fault Finding)
  • Test and Tag Service



Any of the following warnings could mean that your electrical equipment is unsafe and should be inspected by a licenced electrician.

-         A tingle, shock or spark from any electrical equipment. This should not be ignored as it means there is a fault within that appliance. Switch of the power and disconnect the appliance and discard.

-         A fuse or circuit breaker is ‘tripping’ constantly. This could mean a fault is occurring in the circuit. Further testing of wiring and faulty appliances is required by a licensed electrician.

-         You receive a tingle when touching a metal object such as the tap or stove, this means a fault condition has occurred and the earthing system (safety) has failed. Contact a licenced electrician to carry out testing and diagnose the problem.


Did you know??

-         Over 30% of Australian Homes have faulty wiring.


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